International DIY Day

The advantages of doing it yourself!

Recycle & Reuse

DIY allows us not only to create but to give a second life to everyday objects by taking advantage of materials at hand. Create, recycle, upcycle… save the planet!


DIY is a great way to express yourself! Everything you create is personal, adapted specifically to your needs and, most importantly, keeps your creative juices flowing!


The Do-It-Yourself movement is an easy way to make big savings on home improvements. Did you know that two thirds of British people carry out their own home improvements to save money?


Planning a DIY project can be tiring but doing manual tasks can actually tackle stress, burn calories and make you feel proud of yourself… all at the same time!

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Launched in the UK by ManoMano in 2017, International DIY Day takes place on the 24th of May
and is dedicated to celebrating and encouraging do-it-yourself projects.
So, what are you waiting for?
Start your project today!